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City of Cambridge Rowing Club

Feargal Murphy

Memberships Manager

Droplet is immensely helpful in making it easier and less time consuming to manage our club memberships, and organise club outings! It's a big time saver for club organisers with a nice slick simple interface.

Seb Walker
Events Secretary

Using Droplet for race entries was transformative.  In the past we had been focusing on reconciling entries and entry changes with reams of cheques and bank transfers.  Overnight this problem vanished and instead we were able to focus on running the event itself and giving competitors the best experience that we could.

Louise Bailey Mez Dubios-van Slageren
Junior Squad Coordinator

We’re excited to use Droplet to remove the need for spreadsheets and various availability emails! The team there have shown me how easy it is to set up teams with multiple outing times with our Junior Squad. Really keen to get using Droplet! 

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